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Meet Brandon

From one of the youngest to ring the American Stock Exchange bell to now CEO of a company with billions of dollars of companies under management, Brandon Dawson sets a new standard for business owners everywhere. With over 30+ years of experience, working with thousands of business owners, Brandon has made it his life mission to help 1 MILLION business owners grow and scale their business the right way. It’s time to 10X

The Podcast

Building Billions takes you behind the scenes with Brandon Dawson as he shows you what it actually takes to build a scalable, profitable, sellable business. While many business owners talk to you about the results of their hard work, this podcast is specifically focused to give you real, tactical strategies that you can implement in your business today.

The Podcast

5 elements you must do to become an

Unbreakable business

The only way to build and scale a company, backed by 4000 companies and millions of dollars of research.


Leadership Essentials Workshop

There is no room for poor leadership in your organization. Our #1 goal with this workshop is to give business owners just like you a forward-thinking, new and improved model for attracting, aligning, developing, and retaining your top-tier workforce.

People Essentials Workshop

Businesses don’t move people… People move businesses! This live implementation workshop is  specifically designed to teach you the same exact tools we are using that have allowed us to scale to over $100M+ with over 180 employees in less than four years.


Our flagship program — 2 day LIVE immersive event that covers all 75 things every business must go through in order to scale to $125M+ no matter industry, revenue size or number of employees. On average clients see 30-50% increase in revenue within 12 months of this event. 

If you've ever dreamed of a nine-figure income, you have to read Nine-Figure Mindset. Brandon Dawson makes nine figures a reality by giving you the blueprint to scale big money.
- CEO of Cardone Capital
Nine-Figure Mindset is a massively inspirational and hopeful work of art! The reader will never return to their same path. If your journey of life is not what you want, then fix it.
- NASA scientist and astronaut, the only person to fly all five US space shuttles
Brandon is a world-class champion when it comes to business and leadership. Nine-Figure Mindset is a must-read for people who want to attain greatness
- NFL Hall of Famer, two-time Super Bowl champion
Brandon's prescription for small business success is not only proven, it's also incredibly effective and useful across a variety of businesses.
- former COO of Microsoft Corporation, chairman of Zayo Corporation
Buying Brandon's company Audigy was a great strategic decision, and Brandon and his team definitely over-delivered.
- former CEO of GN Hearing, CEO who acquired Brandon's company Audigy
In Nine-Figure Mindset, Brandon Dawson shares how to scale your successful business to maximize your impact and your profit. Brandon has actually done it (multiple times), and is sharing with you how he succeeded as well as illuminating the path so you can too. It pays to listen to someone who has been there, done that!
- Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women,
Co-author of Three Feet From Gold, Outwitting the Devil,
New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, and fourteen other Rich Dad books
Oftentimes it's small steps, not giant leaps, that create lasting change. Brandon's book proves that attitude is one of the elements that will make a difference in your personal and professional lives. Nine-Figure Mindset can inspire you to accomplish things that you might not have believed possible and help you discover the secrets of taking measured risks, building a lasting business, and helping to make your dreams become realities.
- CEO of Maplestone Capital Advisors, author of Money Talk and Money Clips,
has raised more than $200 billion for middle market growth companies