First, we Model. Then, we Mimic. Now, we Master!

In our two previous entries, we discussed steps one and two of Cardone Ventures’ 3M process, in which we identify models that help us better understand the Who and the What in creating a business that can achieve incredible scale and growth. 

We seek out like-minded businesses, either in industry, sector, or spirit, and we use their successes (and sometimes failures) in order to paint a clearer picture of what success looks like, creating processes, KPIs, and systems of accountability, so that the entire organization has a deeper understanding of how they can create the highest level of impact in the business. 

Then we use the concept of Mimic in order to get everyone in your organization to analyze and understand the things that are working in the business and are creating the highest level of impact, so that these successful processes can be documented and leveraged across every aspect of the business. 

Once we have a handle on how to Model and how to Mimic, we can then move on to part 3 of the 3Ms: Master.

How we apply the concept of Master in the business

So let’s talk about the third M in the 3Ms, where you’ll finally learn how to Master. 

You have visualized your success through the Model process of the 3Ms, and then gained confidence and experience from following a proven process via the 3M’s lessons on how to Mimic. 

So far, the results have been incredible. You’ve achieved real, measurable impact through the business, and now you’re achieving the results that you and your team have long been striving for. But your journey isn’t over yet. 

Now, in this third step, you as a leader must pause to reflect. You now must create clarity of how you got to this level of success through the modeling and mimicry processes. And you do this by following the process to mastery. 

Why is mastery so important? Let me break it down in terms of revenue: 

  • When you grow your business from zero to three million, it’s going to be about what you do 
  • From three to eight million, it’s going to be about who you do it with 
  • From eight to 15 million, it’s going to be about how you do it 
  • And then from fifteen to twenty-five million, it’s going to be about the leadership that you’ve created that will in turn create disciplined, accountable teams who understand precisely how to model, mimic and master what you’ve proven to work in your business

Model, mimic, and mastery is critically important in creating leadership in your organization. Real leaders can push your business forward to grow and scale to each new level of success.  

The only way to create that success is to grow and scale as a whole, personally, professionally, and financially. This type of growth isn’t just about the business, and it isn’t just about you. It’s about your team — the people who serve your customers and work with you — to also achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. 

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to create unimaginable wealth? Do you want to create a legacy? Then you need great people, and you need to know how to grow them. 

People move businesses forward. People are the ones who identify and develop and implement and master processes. They are the ones who need to understand the mission, see the long-term vision, and believe in what’s possible for the business. This is central to the concept of mastery. 

You create great leaders. Your great leaders create great teams, from which new, great leaders emerge, because you’ve been steadfast in teaching them how to create the highest level of impact in achieving the business’s incremental and long-term goals. 

Incremental improvement creates room for innovation, and like my friend author Jim Collins says, all businesses must always innovate, but they don’t need to be the most innovative, they need to be “innovative enough.” 

Ask yourself: Are you innovative enough to be a contender in your industry? Are you innovative enough to outshine your competition? Are you innovative enough to keep your team inspired, your customers delighted, and your business profitable? 

None of this is possible without understanding mastery. And once you understand mastery, you’re on the right track to unlocking the most valuable skill of all: Multiplication.

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