So you’ve learned the importance of Model. What’s next?

In part one of this four-part series, we discussed step 1 of the 3Ms: Model, where finding great models of success can help you understand the Who and the What in creating clarity around your business’s goals. 

The power of Model lies in clearly defining the goals, setting measurable KPIs, creating clarity about who is responsible for each aspect of goal achievement, and the importance of executing this defined process over and over again in order to create incremental growth.

Growth and scaling comes from the ability to mimic things that you have proven works to the extent that you properly modeled those elements, and you’re ready to grow and scale your business. 

But 10Xing your business and your life doesn’t stop with successfully executing the Model process. This is merely step one in the 3Ms. Now that we’ve achieved an understanding of Model, it’s time to move on to step two: Mimic. 

Let’s explore part two of the 3Ms in greater detail.

What does it mean to Mimic?

So, when it comes to the 3M process of 10Xing, just what do I mean by the concept of Mimic? Mimicking in general means to imitate something closely, and we apply this concept to life and business in a very similar way. 

In the Cardone Ventures world, one mimics by studying, practicing, and measuring objectively successful results. This is why Model is a crucial first step in this process. Bad models foster mimicry that is destined to fail. 

But mimicking doesn’t necessarily mean you have to understand in context each point of the process to create the highest impact, but you must be able to mimic the results of the impact. 

Taking this a step further, finding strong models will help you understand more clearly how you can create replicable success in your own business, but you won’t necessarily be able to learn each and every step in another business’s processes. These aren’t necessarily things that are published, and any business striving to outperform its competitors (which is most!) will be careful to keep certain operational strategies private. 

But this is an opportunity for you and your organization to innovate. Think about it: How did your Model get from startup to success story? What pain points do you think they experienced? How could you avoid them in your own business? The Mimic process becomes all the more exciting when you have certain strategies you can apply to your own business’s operations. 

This is central to the art of growing and scaling your business: Getting everyone in your organization to mimic the things that work at the highest level of impact in order for other people to mimic the highest impact of all you do through everyone doing it. 

You must make the model and mimic routine a part of your daily business. This can be done through events and books, podcasts, blogs, social media, or even in-person live training. You might even liken this part of the process to “dressing for the job you want, not the one you have,” but instead applying it to yourself, your team, and, of course, your business. 

If you’re not an expert at duplicating and training and teaching people to model and mimic, and, in my experience, without specialized training, most aren’t then you need to find mentorship to truly unlock the possibilities of 3M, and Cardone Ventures is the answer. 

Cardone Ventures is the single best vehicle and resource for businesses to teach team members how to model and how to mimic, because it gives them the skill set, the tools, the resources to draw upon the knowledge in order to act in the moment to drive the impact that will help you achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals. 

The Mimic process of the 3Ms really does help you program your mind and influence the mindsets of those around you. It creates trust in you, too, which is essential as a business leader. Leaders need followers, and by showing them something that is proving the continued success in the business just reinforces your being in the driver’s seat. 

Stick to your defined models, mimic what works, and you’re certain to drive the right impact because you’re measuring that impact through key performance indicators. Your confidence grows. Your team’s confidence grows, which in turn grows your business into even greater profitability. 

Your work is smarter. And you now have a blueprint for growth and scaling. But you’re not done yet. Now, it’s time to move on to the third M in the 3Ms: Mastery. 

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