Sometimes we get in our own way and stall our ability to succeed

For decades now, I’ve worked with thousands of businesses, and in those experiences, I’ve seen the same patterns occurring over and over again with those business owners and teams who just can’t seem to achieve the level of success they want to. 

In this four-part series, I’m to teach you how to strengthen your business’s effectiveness through what I call The 3Ms: Model, Mimicry, and Mastery. This process proves so effective that once you’re able to show proficiency within it, you can unlock a fourth, even more powerful M: Multiplying.

This process will enable you to achieve your own success — in the business and in your life — so that you can use your experience to teach others how they can achieve theirs. 

That’s the magic of a business with a strong, intentional leader. When everyone’s able to achieve success through the business, because the business has invested in understanding the team’s individual personal, professional, and financial goals and not only supports those goals, but holds people accountable to them, it propels the business to a new level of impact and success. 

Everyone wins. The team members become more invested in the business because the business has invested in them.  And the roadmap to creating this culture is through The 3Ms. 

The 3Ms are a process, not an event. You’ll do them again and again.

It’s important to know that you won’t be doing the three M’s just once. Once you achieve mastery through replication, your goals will grow. You’ll 10x your thinking about what can actually be done in the business, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. 

So let’s start with the first M: Model. Modeling is about knowing what success is, and what success actually looks like for the business. Too many people think about success in an unclear, abstract sort of way. “We want to hit 2 million in revenue this year.” Okay, that’s great. But how? What processes need to be in place in order to make that actually happen? 

Too often, the specifics get abdicated to others in the business that don’t have the clear picture from leadership of how that vision gets turned into process, which gets turned into results. This is a result of poor leadership. That’s where the Model step in the 3Ms gives success focus and direction to everyone in the business. 

Model: Defining the What and the Who

Model is about determining the attributes of someone or something that is successful and choosing that to model after. Modeling is about the what and the who. What goal or success have you established as a specific target? Who have you identified as having achieved that result? How do we replicate that across everyone doing the same function? 

You can use other businesses, other entrepreneurs, or organizations for Model, but the point is to very clearly define who you want to Model and what it is you want to Model about their success. 

Learn absolutely everything you can about how this Model that you’ve identified can be applied to your business, your team, and your processes, so that you can execute at the highest level.

Never forget: You’re a model in your own organization

Here’s another incredibly important aspect of the Model process. You as a leader, whether you’re aware of it or not — and you really should be aware of it if you’re a leader in your organization — are a model for your team. You’re a tone-setter. People will replicate your behavior, so holding yourself accountable and setting a higher standard of performance and conduct is a must. 

When it comes to how you model when modeling, there must be awareness and understanding of what the end goal needs to be and what that measurement standard, that key performance indicator is. 

That level of clarity must come from you, either directly or through communication you’ve clearly provided to your leadership team. Whatever you do through the process must conclude with the execution, the intentionality around executing that goal. 

Incremental success is still success that can be used to scale

Once you have found your Model (or Models), have defined the goals, your KPIs, how they’ll be measured, and who is responsible for what aspects of those goals, then you must execute it over and over and over again. 

Initially, you’ll likely make granular, incremental improvements in each stage of the process, which is a good thing. In order to have clarity and understanding and stretch to the goal that you want to achieve, you’re setting yourself up for greater success in growing and scaling your business, because now you can teach others to mimic what you have proven works.

In conclusion, find your model, define your model, be a model, and teach others how to be models, and you’ve got your business on a solid foundation for part 2 of the 3Ms: Mimic. 

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