Do you have people around you telling you enough is enough? 

People with the entrepreneurial spirit are a rare breed. There’s something that exists within us that sees the space in a marketplace and exactly how to fill it. Some of us even have the vision and the drive to create a whole new space. 

We’ll do everything we can in order to turn our vision into a reality, and no matter how much time, energy, and investment it takes, we’re going to achieve our goals, because we know that once we do, it will create a benefit for others, and we’ll build significant wealth in the process. 

The thing is, not everyone has this same level of drive. A lot of people just don’t get it. 

Do you feel stuck where you’re at with your business?

Recently, I participated in a podcast with a person who owns a concrete business. He attended a 10X360 event and was incredibly moved by the experience. You see, while his business was successful, it had plateaued. 

For five years, he was stuck in this place between $8 and $8.5 million, and just couldn’t push his business to the next level. And that’s all he wanted. Just to push himself forward and break through to achieve a different degree of success. 

And, like what happens to a lot of people in that position, everyone around him — his family, his friends, and his colleagues — instead of encouraging him and having his back and supporting his vision, they just threw up roadblocks. 

“Why are you trying to push?”

“What are you working so hard for?”

“Don’t you have enough?” 

Do these questions feel familiar to you? They certainly do to me. I’ve been there. It’s such a discouraging place to be. The people putting up these roadblocks might have good intentions, but they have no idea how frustrating it is to be on the receiving end of this type of negative feedback. 

Don’t let others’ negativity paint you into a corner — use it

All this negativity really does to the person on the receiving end is two things:

  1. They either give in to the negative feedback, abandon their vision, and live their life wondering what they could have done had they not given up. It’s a life of regret. 
  2. Or they end up resenting the people who are creating the toxic environment, and they use that friction to push themselves forward in achieving their goals. 

At Cardone Ventures, through the 10X360 platform, we’ve created a third way in which business owners can navigate the stress of being a visionary entrepreneur. 

The simplest way I can it is this:

You have permission to get bigger. 

Let me say it one more time, and I want you to really, truly focus on what I’m telling you:

You have permission to get bigger. 

The negativity is holding you back. People with a lack of confidence and vision are holding you back. Listening to them is holding you back. 

You have to break free from the naysayers, you have to surround yourself with people who share your vision and experience, and only then will you see the opportunity in front of you clearly enough to embrace it. 

I’ve seen the power of self-permission in action, and it’s amazing

I’ve experienced it myself first-hand. And the exact same thing happened to my friend who owns the concrete business. 

He attended a 10X360 event, and found himself in a room full of people just like him. People with goals. People with drive. People looking for the sort of mentorship and insight that would catapult them to a higher echelon of achievement. 

The concrete business owner was in a space where he finally realized he had the permission to get bigger. He was refreshed. He was with his people. He wanted more. 

And as he began to experience the 10X360 platform delivery, he began to see where the breakpoint was in his business, the place where he could go from $8 million to $75 million. And in just 4 of 5 months of being a part of the platform, his revenue increased from $8 million to nearly $14 million. 

It was sitting there the whole time. He just needed permission to unlock it and strategic guidance to achieve it. 

Join us to learn how you can be your best-self business owner

Do you need permission to get bigger? To surround yourself with positive mentors and like-minded people who want you to succeed? 

Who you spend your time with matters. Who you listen to matters. Your thoughts and your words and your actions matter. 

So if you want to make your vision a reality, and if you know deep down that you have the ability to create something truly great, then I’d encourage you to attend a 10X360 event with the Cardone Ventures team. 

You deserve what’s possible. Will you give yourself permission to realize it? 

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