People just assume that I have it all figured out

I’m proud of the things that I’ve achieved in my life. And I’m proud of the things that I’m working toward accomplishing. 

I have an incredible family. A beautiful, intelligent wife and business partner. I have properties and cars and things that most people can only dream of. I’ve made this my reality. And I’m incredibly grateful for everything that my life entails. 

But there is one thing that can be challenging, at times, and that’s the perception of others that people who are successful don’t face difficult situations. 

In today’s blog, let’s explore some of the challenges that successful people face, and how those challenges should be faced in order to sustain our success and create even more triumph in our lives. 

Successful people face mental health issues

When you’re a success in your field, there’s a lot of pressure placed upon you, either by yourself, your team, the market, or other factors demanding that you repeat and improve upon that level of success. 

The pressure can cause a lot of us to struggle, mentally and emotionally. That’s why it’s essential to find healthy ways to deal with this mental stress, like regular exercise, a balanced diet, regular sleep, mentorship, and counseling. 

Successful people can develop bad habits

Bad habits, like smoking, wasting time on irrelevant matters, and a poor diet are usually born out of us not knowing how to deal with stress in a positive way, so we develop bad habits in order to distract ourselves from dealing directly with the issue. 

I recommend dealing directly with the root cause of that stress so you can rid yourself of the bad habits, reduce the stress associated with it, and learn more about yourself in the process. 

Successful people have gaps in their knowledge

We live in a culture where we often (wrongly) assume that because a person is successful in one sector, that they’re knowledgeable and capable in every other realm. 

This, naturally, is not the case! We have gaps in our knowledge. Everyone does! My recommendation is to follow your curiosities and to never stop learning. It’s normal to have gaps in what you know. Look for the ones that interest you, and work on filling them every day!

Successful people have moments of self-doubt

Vulnerability can be a real challenge for a lot of successful people. It’s often our high level of self-belief that has helped us achieve the success that we’re known for. 

Finding yourself in situations where you’re questioning your assessment of a situation can be earth-shattering. 

But this is why I train people to perfect the concept of Attack Speed when it comes to decision making. It doesn’t mean that you’re always making the right decision, but it does mean that you trust yourself enough to make a decision, with the knowledge that you always have the option to make another decision later. 

One bad decision doesn’t have to define you. 

Successful people can have procrastination issues

Again, this is why the concept of Attack Speed is so important to a business owner. Indecision can kill the momentum of a negotiation. It can kill the spirit of a business. And if you kill the spirit of a business, you’ve more than likely killed the business altogether. 

The most important thing successful people can do when they’re facing a procrastination issue is to recognize what they’re doing at that moment, and push themselves into a decision-making space. 

Your decision doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. You just need to push yourself forward to create a new sense of momentum. 

Successful people can have insecurities

It can be exhausting to live under a microscope. Everyone in your sphere is looking to you for leadership and guidance — your team, your clients, and even your family expects a particular level of confidence from you at all times. 

Even the most successful among us can have feelings of doubt. That’s normal. But you have to remind yourself that you’ve created this situation for yourself. You are a leader. In this situation, you are the leader, and so long as you stay true to the vision, mission, and values of your organization, then people will respect you for who you are and what you’ve chosen to do. 

Successful people have imperfect routines

We’re all gonna miss the gym from time to time. We’re all gonna turn that “cheat day” into a “cheat week” from time to time. 

As is the case with so many of these scenarios, the important thing is to recognize where you’re at, and instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of a situation — a surefire way to commit to a negative mindset — reintroducing your goals into your daily routine to get yourself back on track. 

It’s normal to experience these things. How you deal with them is all that matters.

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