Pictured: Grant Cardone, my business partner, friend, and one of the incredible people I choose to have in my inner circle.

IF YOU DON’T MAKE IT AN ABSOLUTE PRIORITY to surround yourself with the best people, with the best intentions, then it is a struggle building your business — a struggle for you and a struggle for them. And when you take two groups of people, you and your team, and you bring them together with a core purpose, a core objective, and a core agenda — which is to significantly improve the quality of each other’s lives through what you choose to do together — that’s where power comes from.

The question is: How do you harness the power of your people to help you create an amazing organization?

“It’s through doing things differently with your people. Who you surround yourself with contributes significantly to your life.”

Your total success will be amplified and magnified through the total number of people you find who will allow you to add substantive, impactful value to their lives, so they can add substantive value to the lives of the people they care about. When you have that kind of culture, when you have that kind of organization, when you have that kind of focus — enriching the lives of your people- your employees will ultimately do the same for your customers. If you don’t exemplify how to do that each and every day in everything you do, you can’t expect your people to exemplify it each and every day in what they do.