First responders are the first to arrive and to respond in a crisis or emergency situation. First responders are individuals who have specialized training in law enforcement, medicine, firefighting, or other emergency services. They’re trained to remain calm and to effectively manage accidents, natural disasters, crime, terrorist activities, and more. 

I’m always looking at ways to make my businesses more effective, more profitable, and more in line with my life’s goals. This mindset helps me to see that the business world also needs its own first response team for times of crisis. At the very least, the business world needs its own strategy for responding to inevitable crisis situations.

Are you ready to respond to crisis and emergency with a cool head and clear eyes, as your business’s first responder? Prepare and train, or you might find yourself in an altogether different type of business emergency.  

Communicate the vision to your team 

A good leader always has a gameplan. A great leader can communicate the gameplan and the greater vision clearly, with infectious energy, and confidence in the possibilities (rather than fearfully distracted by what might go wrong). 

Go back to your business’s mission, vision, and core values. You do have those, don’t you? Let your vision statement guide as you craft first response communication to your team. How does this current crisis and the opportunities surrounding it fit into your vision? Think about it. The connections are there. Then be intentional in crafting a gameplan that is simple, measurable, and attainable. Rally your team into a state of focus and confidence with it. 

Start innovating

Although this might not feel like the right time to invest in your business’s innovation, it is in fact the perfect time to do so. This business emergency has upended things. You need to find new ways to delight your customers, garner new customer referrals, and continue injecting cash into the business. 

Innovation doesn’t mean losing your focus or throwing out your core service offering. Innovation does mean crafting more effective processes to serve your customers and designing products that meet the current environment’s needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Implement new ideas, improve services, and create dynamic new products. Necessity is the mother of invention, and right now you and your customers have a need that your team can fill. 

It’s also important to innovate through new marketing strategies. Experiment with content marketing. Host live events. Provide value. Be present. Be positive. Be visible. 

Speaking of visibility…

Make sure to stay visible, but do it in the right way

During a crisis like the one we experienced in the spring of 2020, the amount of time people spent online increased dramatically. Engagement with news and social media absolutely skyrocketed. 

When your clients were searching for information and answers online in 2020, could they find you? Were you offering them a calm alternative to the melee? Were you building your credibility by showcasing your business’s ability to safely and effectively weather the storm while also growing your business?

This is how you should be spending your time on social media. Not doomscrolling. Not getting caught up in comment section arguments that are bad for your mental well-being and for your brand. Ensure your online presence is fostering credibility for your company, and you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

Consider what my friend and partner Grant Cardone has to say about this:

“Remember, people like to buy and do business with people they know and like. During times when money is tight, they are more likely to spend money (if they do so at all) on products and services from those they know and trust.”

This is why being visible, being credible, and being consistent about your social media communication matters so much. It’s not about getting likes. It’s about building trust and brand equity. This is what people so often misunderstand about social media. There’s almost an endless opportunity to build your network and company’s profitability through these platforms. Don’t get caught up in the drama. Use these tools to build your legacy.

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