You are responsible for everything that happens to you — good, bad, or indifferent. If you blame others for where you are in life, you voluntarily give up your power to change. This is a huge mistake that most business owners make.

When I talk to business owners and they tell me all the reasons they’re encountering struggle, they blame everyone around them. They blame the economy, the government, their competitors, their employees – but this isn’t going to solve the problem.

And in the same market where they’re struggling, there is usually somebody growing unbelievably well, in the exact same market, doing the exact same thing. How is it that between two businesses doing the same thing, one could be struggling and failing, and another one could be rolling in success, expanding, and diversifying?

The reason one business is succeeding is because they’re attracting what they want to accomplish, while the other business is attracting exactly the destiny they created for themselves.

The first business surrounds itself with exactly what it pictures: trial, tribulation, anxiety, stress, anger, fear, limitation. The second business is growing and exploding with excitement, attracting people and doing new and greater things in the community, doubling and tripling in size, and the owner’s getting written up in magazines. All these things are happening, and yet they do exactly the same thing.

When you want to move from where you are to where you want to be, who should you talk to?

Another business owner who’s telling you how bad it is? How their employees can’t help out? How the government, taxes, economy kill them?


You talk to people who have attained what it is you want to attain. People who are fighting each and every day with you and for you toward the attainment of your goals.

You cannot sit back and listen to people who are trying to move you off target.

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