Only secure leaders give power to others. Leading well is not about enriching yourself. It’s about enriching and empowering others.

The #1 enemy of empowerment is the fear of losing what we have. It’s the rate-limiting factor to your overall success. Many business owners will say to me, “But I have empowered my team.”

There’s a big difference between empowering your team and abdicating to your team.

People get confused all the time about the difference between empowerment and abdication. Empowerment is not just saying to somebody, “Go figure it out. I trust you.” Empowerment says, “This is the impact I need and want you to make on the business. And I’m intelligent enough and focused enough and intentional enough, that if you create this impact on the business, I will ensure that we create this impact on your personal, professional, and financial aspirations.”

That’s where when our focus grows together. That’s where our alignment comes from.

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