Let’s talk for a second about mindsets.

I talk to hundreds of business owners every week. They vary from being a practice owner all the way to being an entrepreneur with a billion dollar business.

If you ever want to understand any human being, at any level– and this is business, personal, doesn’t matter– when you start a dialogue with them, listen to the kind of questions they ask.

The kinds of questions they ask will give you full transparency into where their mindset is. What I mean here is: When I run across anybody and I say, “Hey, how’s your business doing?” And they respond, “I’m struggling. My competitors are doing this or this person is over there is doing that or I got a question about what’s happening over there.

If they never want to talk about themselves, they’re projecting. They’re projecting away from themselves because they are struggling inside. Their belief is low.

When you’re sitting across from somebody and they’re looking you in the eye, and you say, “How’s it going?” And they say, “Man, you know, it’s going OK, but I could be doing a lot better. I need to figure out how to get from where I’m at to where I want to go.” That takes self-reflection. 

There’s an obvious difference between projecting away from yourself to spending time reflecting on yourself. One is the easy way out. The other takes a lot more diligence and emotional intelligence.

The next time someone asks you how your business is doing – pay attention to how you respond. Are you focused on others and what they’re doing? Are you projecting? Or are you looking inward and reflecting on how YOU can do better – self-reflecting?

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