Contrary to popular belief, those who can’t do, can’t really teach. But those who can do, can lead and show others how they changed, in order to create a more impactful result.

First, learn to influence yourself. Be that living example. Don’t do it because you have the title of business owner. Don’t do it because you have the title of manager or director or vice president. Titles alone give you no power. They only represent your ability to either influence through your experiences and your actual intentionality with your team, or through title dictatorship. They say, “Do it because I told you to”. Influence is saying, ” Do it because I am going to help you attain a higher level of success like I accomplished myself.”

You can’t grow and develop your business to the highest magnitude of impact if you can’t use your influence to challenge others. Encouraging them to challenge themselves the same way you did as the highest example in the organization. And that, my friends, is what influence is all about.

“The true test of leadership isn’t held by title. It’s not held by position or rank.”

The true test of leadership is held by your ability to impact and influence others to do things they otherwise might not do. And therefore, anyone and everyone in any organization, at any level, has the power to be a true leader, by helping and influencing others to succeed.