The purpose of a morning huddle is to talk about what’s happening today so we can have a greater level of impact in all regards. If you and your team aren’t talking, if you’re not communicating, if you’re not aligned in your thinking, then how can you possibly have a remarkable, successful business?

If your people are running off, doing their own thing, trying to make their own impact… this doesn’t allow you to build a business of excellence. It will barely get you to a good business. 

But when you work together, you win together.

You should have a daily, weekly, and monthly meeting with your team. But as far as daily huddles go, you should talk about what worked well yesterday. Where could we have done better? What are we going to do today to exemplify what works well?

Always look for perspective from your team on how to add the highest incremental value in everything you do. Communicate with your team when they do well, and when things don’t work, creating and fostering an environment where the team understands it’s their job to do an autopsy when something doesn’t work, while exemplifying and duplicating when something does.