Entrepreneurial Intuition is the innate ability for an entrepreneur to see, sense, and take advantage of an opportunity. People are intuitive in their area of strength. Whenever a leader faces a problem, they automatically measure it and begin solving it using their intuition.

Intuition is built through doing things over and over and over and observing the result.

Many of you started your business because you saw an opportunity to do something great, but then you got so busy doing it, you didn’t amplify and magnify and multiply it. You got yourself into a position where you were the only one who could do it. When you’re so ingrained in your work, you lose the ability to be intuitive.

Without intuition, your company will struggle. You must take time to teach and lead others to do the tasks you do, amplify, magnify, and multiply, so you can step away and engage your entrepreneurial intuition again. Intuition needs to breathe in your organization through your people and through you.