We are the creators or the cause of our current conditions. We are the ones responsible for either having or not having. A central growth principle is the more you outflow, the more you inflow. Better said, the more you give, the more you get. We must give the very thing that we want. If I want respect, love, appreciation, dedication, commitment, and loyalty, I have to give that first. I can’t attract it in my life if I’m not giving it.

This is a clear example of what so many business owners struggle with. Do you know how many business owners talk to me and say, “What I want is an employee who is loyal. I want an employee who is respectful. I want an employee who cares about things other than themselves. I want an employee who will reach the extra mile or go the distance.” Or I want a customer who this, or I wish the community would that.

Let me tell you something: Until you give it, you’re not going to get it back. This is what John Maxwell’s Law of Circulation is talking about.

So if I want to have something come back to me — a better quality of life, how people think about me, how people connect with me — I first have to give that. If you’re not approachable, why would somebody approach you? If you’re not respectable, how could they respect you?

If you’re not loving, how could they love you? Why should they? If you want people to be a certain way, then you need to be a certain way first, because otherwise you can’t attract it into your life. When you look at the people you’ve surrounded yourself with, if there are things that you don’t like in them, it is a direct reflection of who you are.

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