John Maxwell & Brandon Dawson on Leadership

John Maxwell: "I don't change anybody. They change themselves. It's choice. You can put a good meal in front of two people and one person will eat it while the other will reject it. What I learned was that I was responsible to people, but they are responsible for...

John Maxwell & Brandon Dawson

Elevating Your 3 Lids

When you lift your belief lid, your actions will follow what you believe. So in order to create change, you first have to focus on your belief lid....

Elevating Your 3 Lids - Brandon Dawson

Security vs. Freedom

The difference between security and freedom is this. Security means that someone is going to take care of me. I just need to show up and it will work itself out. Freedom means that I can do anything and everything I want because I know that I'm in control of my...

Security Vs. Freedom - Brandon Dawson

How Do You Align Your Team?

What are the three most important things in the cultural alignment of your organization. Who are we? What makes us work? What gets us excited every day to do something bigger, better, and more substantive tomorrow?...

How Do You Align Your Team - Brandon Dawson


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