Have you ever heard of the “belief lid?”

Even after decades of experience starting and growing businesses (and helping thousands of business owners do the same), I’m still surprised by how the outcome of a situation can rely so heavily on someone’s belief lid. Now, if you’ve never heard of “belief lid” before, it’s essentially the ceiling of what you’re physically capable of believing — about yourself, your peers, or your business.

When your belief lid is low, your potential is low, but when your belief lid is high, your potential is high. And, you simply can’t expect to build a billion-dollar legacy with a low level of belief. I talk to business owners about this almost daily because it’s one of the most important parts of my mindset as we grow Cardone Ventures into a billion-dollar business. 

But, what does belief have to do with the success of you and your business? What are the consequences of a low-belief lid? Let’s talk about it.

The more you believe, the more you achieve

One of the things that separates successful people from those who struggle through life is their level of belief about what they’re capable of doing. When you have a high belief in what’s possible and are willing to pursue that belief at all costs, you become the person who changes the world. 

But, when you concede, because things are difficult or scary, you will conform to mediocrity. These are the people that let friction, anxiety, fear, or external factors pull them from that high level of belief instead of letting those negative feelings motivate them to accomplish their goals. 

I’ll admit, it can be hard to completely protect your beliefs from outside influence. Your beliefs will be challenged from every angle. Maybe an initiative isn’t working out for your marketing and sales team or a member of your leadership team doesn’t agree with the direction you’re pushing the business. So, as much as raising your belief lid is a learned skill, so is protecting your beliefs and keeping sole ownership of them in your mind.

Sometimes your beliefs can trick you

Another challenge business owners face when they begin prioritizing their beliefs is letting their past experiences inform beliefs that won’t push them forward to where they need to go. Maybe you’ve been let down by partners in the past, so you believe you’re not getting any value from new partners because of this lived experience. But, what this belief is doing is creating a roadblock in your mind and limiting your potential. Your beliefs are tricking you into a lower belief lid. 

A great example of this is a conversation I had with one of our newer partners not too long ago. He called me up and was complaining that he wasn’t getting enough attention from me, and he thought this partnership was going to bring more attention than it was. 

The reality is that a partnership is a two-way street, and instead of him reaching out to provide value to me and our partnership, he believed it was my responsibility to provide value to him. What he didn’t know was that I had already spent several hours with my team behind the scenes helping with his business. But, again, his beliefs talked him into thinking he wasn’t getting what he thought he signed up for.

When working to raise your belief lid, you’ll face some challenges along the way, and it’s important to constantly reflect on what’s guiding your beliefs. Is it based on past experiences that maybe aren’t relevant anymore? Or is it focused on the future of what’s possible? 


Above all else, be firm in your beliefs

Having a high belief lid means nothing if you let external forces impact what you believe and how you present those beliefs to others. This is why protecting your beliefs is such an important skill for business owners and leaders.

No one wants to follow someone who has a soft brain, a timid heart, and a lazy foot and hand. They want to follow a leader that doesn’t depend on others to accomplish their goals and is confident in what they believe in. This energy is infectious, especially in a business environment, and part of being a leader is demonstrating your belief lid while helping others raise theirs. 

When everyone believes in a business or an initiative, success is inevitable. 

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