How do you manifest the thing you want into your life so that you can achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals?

Do you find yourself thinking a lot about the things you want out of life but yet you aren’t achieving your goals? This disconnect is a common experience among business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s especially common for those people who could be far more successful than they are today, but find themselves working in the business vs. on the business. These people also might have trouble duplicating high performers, stall out while trying to scale, and never quite hit the next rung on the ladder of success in the way they had hoped. 

In my experience, it’s because it takes a lot more than hope to get what you want from life and to hit those goals.  

Success requires detailed, visionary thinking

If you’ve never heard me say it before, then hear me now while I tell you about a way of being — a way of conducting myself with the right mindset, level of clarity, and overall commitment to the vision. This way of being has absolutely helped me both create and build upon success in my businesses and in my life. 

Like a lot of people, I set goals. But I do more than just “set” goals. I’m someone who creates a very clear picture of what every aspect of that goal looks like. I determine the result and plot a path that leads me to that precise outcome, including every potential pitfall, compromise, and distraction that might get in my way. And then I do all in my power to lead my team to manifest them into reality. 

How do I manifest success?

Let’s say you want to achieve a specific goal in a specific period of time. But how deeply have you really thought about it? Do you understand every facet of what your goal truly entrails? You have to picture, live, breathe, taste, touch, and smell the reality of your goal. Commitment isn’t just time spent on an idea. Commitment is thoughts — clear, complete thoughts — transformed into action that make your dreams possible . . .because they’re not dreams if you’re making them real. 

When we talk about goals, sometimes we’re so focused on the outcome that we forget about the personal growth it might require to get there. What new skills do you need to learn? How do you need to expand your network? Who are the figures out there who might be able to mentor you along the way?

And just as important, who are the people and the things that might cause you to drift? Who are the people that might influence your  mindset in a negative way, distracting you from achieving their goal because they have a low level of belief?

You have control over your life’s direction

Let me put it this way: The person you are today, the person you are right at this very moment is a fusion of every moment that has come before. Every piece of advice, every choice, the way you choose to spend your time, and the people whom you choose to spend it with. It’s all added up to right now

Knowing that, don’t you believe that, moving forward, your every moment should be spent creating the life you want to live? Because if you do, you will. People might call you lucky. People will say that you’re fortunate. And, in a sense, you will be. But it will be because you manifested your own reality instead of sitting on the sidelines while life passes you by. 

Your ability to manifest begins and ends with you

How prepared are you to take massive action in your life to finally get the things you want? How are you preparing to achieve your goals? What are you learning, who are you surrounding yourself with, and what are you willing to sacrifice today to have the life you want tomorrow and beyond? 

The more time you focus on defining your goals, the more actions you can take to achieve them. It’s that simple. But the continued conditioning of yourself — your mindset, your focus, and your ability to stay the course — is where people often slip up. Don’t drift. You can see it through. And once you do that, you’ll continue to do that, because you’ve reinforced the power of making good choices to achieve great outcomes. That’s manifestation.