I’ll share a secret with you about creating wealth and influence

For years and years, I’ve worked hard at creating my own empire—businesses, friends, family, and, for most, unimaginable wealth. What I’ve also done in that time is worked very hard to help others understand how they can do the very same thing for themselves. 

Not every person out there in my position sees it this way. Maybe they think it creates too much competition to have so many driven, hungry people in the game, but I believe that I can use my experience and platform to lift people up. They just have to listen. And grind. And grow. Stay at it, and you’ll get there. 

Here are some things you need to know if you really want to create wealth — it’s the number one piece of advice most wealthy people don’t want you to hear, but I’m not afraid to share it!

Influence is king

To me, influence and leadership are almost interchangeable. Most people in the world are rudderless. They’re looking for direction. They’re looking for leadership, something that will influence them deeply enough to push them toward achieving their goals. 

If you can influence people, then you can persuade them, and if you can persuade them, then the more you can grow and scale your vision into existence. But here’s the thing…

99% of entrepreneurs are trying to build influence the wrong way 

It’s true! And it’s because they have a completely warped sense of what influence really means. 

People don’t have to believe what you’re saying or selling to be influenced by you. Just think about it. Think about the situations that you’ve been in where someone has tried to influence your thinking and your decision-making. 

Now, think about the situations that you’ve been in where you’ve been the one trying to sell. Think about the moments you’ve failed. Think about the moments you’ve succeeded. 

In all of these situations, influence is being created, but they’re different kinds of influence. You need to recognize the difference between the two, and the power each one has. 

Learn the difference between influencing and convincing

When you’re in the zone and people are engaged with you, are actively listening, and are ultimately buying what you’re selling, you’re creating a positive influence. And a big part of that is they don’t feel you trying too hard. People can sense this, and it creates discomfort. 

When you’re clearly and actively trying to convince people of something, it reeks of desperation. 

This is where people get tripped up. Sales and influence is not about convincing people. The act of convincing is a reflection of neediness. Even worse…

Trying too hard to influence people will only create doubt

You might think you’re a master influencer, but if you’re coming on too strong with your pitch — or if it at all feels like a pitch — then you’re not generating positive influence, and you’re actually just generating doubt about your trustworthiness. 

Your words and your mannerisms matter, and the harder you try to convince someone of your position, the more likely you’re generating more uncertainty on their behalf. 

Here’s the thing that’s so hard for most entrepreneurs to get over. It’s simple, but the simplest things are often the hardest to learn and incorporate into our lives.

People don’t need to believe you in order to be positively influenced by you

That’s right. They don’t need to believe you in order to be positively influenced by you. What they do need to see, however, is that you believe in what you’re saying. 

You need to be unflappable. You need to be supremely confident. You need to have a level of focus in your delivery that communicates intensity instead of desperation, ease instead of begging, and communication overselling. 

This is what separates the most successful from the marginally successful. Your steadfast belief in your vision, mission, and execution. If you truly believe in what you’re building, then people will feel it in all that you do, and you’ll create a level of positive influence that will push you closer and closer to achieving your goals. 

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