Why is it important to develop your people?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself this simple question: When I look inside my own organization, what would the people who work there — the people who help me — say was my legacy? What would my legacy be relative to them, not to the community we serve?...

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How do you create healthy company culture?

You have to have humility and gratitude if you want to be a remarkable entrepreneur that can create large impact or if you want to be an innovator in somebody else’s business. You have to have humility and gratitude, because if you don’t have those two things, you...

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How do I work towards my bigger purpose?

From the beginning of my career, I knew that I had a bigger purpose. I wanted to own a business one day. Like my family, I wanted to build something from nothing and watch it grow. My father had always been entrepreneurial out of necessity, because he put all of us...

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How do I get my team to follow me?

You want a team that is willing to challenge themselves, test themselves, believe higher and reach farther – but how can you ask them to do so if you’re not doing the same yourself? How can they respect you if you’re not doing the same? You can’t just approach...

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