What’s the Difference Between Empowerment and Abdication?

Only secure leaders give power to others. Leading well is not about enriching yourself. It’s about enriching and empowering others. The #1 enemy of empowerment is the fear of losing what we have. It’s the rate-limiting factor to your overall success. Many business...

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What is Permission Leadership?

You cannot lead people without really liking them. Intrinsic connection is a key to great relationships. So think about this: If you don’t like being around somebody, if you don’t like spending time with them, if you don’t like connecting with them, if you’re not...

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Is your team connected to your mission?

If you have a mission and it's to build a significant medical practice, a computer technology company, create a new invention or a new widget... whatever your intention is you have to ask yourself– what’s the fastest and most successful way to get there? If you're...

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Are you stretching?

Most experts believe that the typical person uses 10% of their true potential, and the most common reason people don’t overcome the odds is that they don’t challenge themselves. They don’t stretch themselves enough. And if most people today are only using 10% of...

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