Breakpoints and Inflection Points

What are breakpoints? Breakpoints are those periods where growth is interrupted in the business. These interruptions could happen for any number of reasons: process, people, fear, and more. But what’s most important is how you respond to the breakpoints in your...

Brandon Dawson presents to a group of business owners

10x Your Business- Introducing the three lids

I spend a lot of time encouraging business owners to identify mentors so they can expand their network and gain valuable insight. Business owners need to model from those who have already achieved the sort of success they would like to.  Some are skeptical of...

Brandon Dawson refers to a white board during presentation

How You Exit Is How You Enter

Most businesses aren’t designed with an exit strategy. They’re not set up to sell, and they’re not set up for success. Did you know that there are 31.5 million small to midsize businesses in the United States? That’s at least 31 million people with the...

Brandon Dawson stands on stage with two business owners

Establish Impactful Goals

Are your goals too low? Are your goals clear, specific, and actionable? Do you have goals at all? If you’re like a lot of business owners I meet, you haven’t given near enough thought or intentionality to your goals. And I can just about guarantee you that you’ve...

Cardone Ventures team sits around converence table at business meeting


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