Many business owners claim that seasonality is an inhibitor to their growth — here’s what they’re missing!

Businesses of all sizes  will surely have some months that are more successful than other months; that is an undeniable fact. As time progresses, many business owners see patterns that reinforce their perception and fortify the belief that their business has a “natural” seasonality to it. 

In fact, these business owners will go so far as to share that limiting belief with their team, spreading the cancerous notion that the business is seasonal. This false belief creates a culture preaching,, “We are successful during these months, and we are lean during these months,” without giving the limiting perception too much additional thought. 

You see, to me, this is broken thinking. What’s even more dangerous is that it’s a broken belief. 

I know that some of you are reading this thinking, “But Brandon, my business is a seasonal business, quite literally. What about businesses like mine?” And to that I’d say, yes, the way you’re conducting your business today is indeed seasonal in its ability to create revenue, but what if we changed our belief to change our perspective, thereby illuminating all the opportunities that we’re overlooking?

When you have a higher level of awareness, you can control the controllable in your environment to create a more positive impact on the business. Here, I’ll put it even simpler:

What actions are you taking to get the result that you want?

Are you waking up every morning thinking to yourself, “What other avenues could I explore to create a better, stronger, and more thriving business?” or are you resigned to living in the same reality? As the business owner, you need to lead in these situations. You need to create the reality–the non-seasonality–you want in the business. 

Here are some ways in which you can overcome your perception of seasonality in the business:

Get a mentor. Then get another. And another.

Do you really think that you’re the only person out there who has had this experience and has overcome a false perception of seasonality? Look at successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals that you admire, regardless of whether or not they’re in the exact same industry as you. Reach out to them. It’s easier than you think. Align yourself with these folks, and intentionally learn from them. I can assure you that they didn’t become a success because they did what everyone else was doing.

Think deeply about who you’re spending your time with 

It’s pretty simple. You will become like the ones you spend the majority of your time around. People have a way of influencing each other, and if you’re spending your time with folks who employ dead end thinking, then don’t try to fool yourself into believing that you’re not traveling down that same dead end road with them. Truth be told, you might even be helping them steer. 

Also consider how you communicate with those who spend their time around you: your team and with your loved ones. Do you speak in terms of productive paranoia — a person who is always thinking and striving to grow — or are you pessimistic in what you’re putting out into the world? A shift in association, thinking, and communication will make a world of difference in what you can achieve.

Lean on your finance team

I’m not just talking about cutting costs here, but I am talking about finding creative ways to increase your cash on hand so that you have a greater sense of flexibility in the business. What if you were to offer your customers a competitive discount if they were to pay their invoices six months in advance? What could that do for your business? Could you invest in another salesperson or more digital marketing to bring on even more customers and create even more revenue?

Lean into your sales team

Your sales team should be interacting with new and existing customers every single day. What are they hearing? What are they learning? Do you keep a running list of the things they get asked about but you don’t offer? Do you have a clear sense of why a client does or does not choose you? Do you have a clear understanding of how long your sales cycle is so that you can invest into understanding it and shortening it? Using this information could help you 10X your business! Don’t let it fall by the wayside.

Be open minded

Listen, I get that being a business owner can have its share of struggles, but you can’t let negative thinking get in your way. The same goes for bad habits. Just because you’ve always done it a certain way, that doesn’t mean that it’s still the best way.

That’s why I would encourage you to join us for our next Cardone Ventures event! The Cardone Ventures team partners with business owners just like you to help them transform their thinking so they can take the actions they need to transform their businesses. 

You deserve to live a 10X lifestyle, but you can’t get there by doing the same things you’ve always done. Join us NOW to learn how you can finally get exactly what you want out of your business.