How Successful Entrepreneurs Respond to Crisis Situations

You can’t predict the unpredictable, but you can prepare for the inevitable. The most effective business leaders prepare themselves, their teams, and their businesses for emergency situations so that when they do occur, they can not only weather the storm, but they...

Brandon Dawson presents on a live stage

Why is an intrinsic connection with your people important?

You cannot lead people without really liking them. Intrinsic connection is key to great relationships. So think about this: If you don’t like being around somebody, if you don’t like spending time with them, if you don’t like connecting with them, if you’re not...

Do you have a bigger purpose?

I knew that I wanted to have a bigger purpose. I wanted to own a business one day. I wanted to be like the family I had watched start something from nothing and grow it. My father had always been entrepreneurial out of necessity, because he put all of us boys...

How are you making things better for your team?

The bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we can advance ourselves but how far we can advance our teams. Think of the total number of team members working with you and ask yourself this question: How have you intentionally advanced those team members in helping...



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