Are You an Entrepreneur?

For a lot of people, when they start their business, they don’t see themselves as an entrepreneur or as an innovator, and I think this is an important factor. They see themselves, in a lot of cases, as the technician or the practitioner. And that’s what eMyth talks...


The Role of Positivity

As you look around at your fellow human beings, you’ll find it hard to ignore the fact that very few people are happy, fulfilled, and leading purposeful lives. Most of them seem unable to cope with their problems in the circumstances of daily living. The majority,...

Brandon Dawson in Black Suit

Working With Intentionality

Once you say, I want to accomplish, achieve, succeed at, or attain this, whatever this is. You then need to go look for the greatest example to the this. Then you need to actually do the homework to understand what allowed the this to succeed. So if it’s owning...

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You Create Your Condition

We are the creators or the cause of our current conditions. We are the ones responsible for either having or not having. And a central growth principle is the more you outflow, the more you inflow. Better said, the more you give, the more you get. We must give the...

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