8 Important Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life

You hear it all the time: “If only I had the chance to go back and make different choices.” Of course you can’t, and dwelling too much on what happened yesterday means you’re not focusing on what you can accomplish tomorrow. Don’t let yourself get distracted by...

Brandon Dawson stands at front of classroom full of business owners

Five Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Losing perspective on where you’re at? It’s time for a gut-check. It’s easy, and honestly pretty common, to lose sight of where you’re at and whether or not you are accomplishing your goals. This is why we’re so process oriented at Cardone Ventures. We build steps...

Brandon Dawson Presents to Business Owners in Classroom

Why Do Businesses Bring In Consultants?

Is bringing in a consultant a sign that you’re throwing in the towel? No, far from it. Learn from the Cardone Ventures team why consultants can breathe new life into your business.

Brandon Dawson discusses the topic of business consultants with a business woman


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