6 Millionaire Brain Hacks

Is there a formula for success? Maybe! I’ve created a lot of success in my life, both for myself and for many, many others. One of my great joys in life is helping others learn how to unlock their potential so that they can achieve their personal, professional, and...

Natalie and Brandon Dawson flank author and speaker John C. Maxwell while standing in front of a 10X sign

How Blockbuster Inspired
My Ultimate Purpose In Life

Remember Blockbuster Video?  It’s amazing that I even need to ask that question, but given how rapidly media technology has changed over the last several decades, many of you reading this probably have zero experience with what was once the dominant chain in...

Brandon Dawson speaks to a large crowd while wearing a blue jacket and black pants at a live Cardone Ventures event.

An Open Letter To My 18-Year-Old-Self

Adopt these principles, and thank me later I’ve had a lot of incredible experiences throughout my life. I’ve built great relationships, I’ve been all over the world, I’ve worked with countless business owners and entrepreneurs.. And these adventures and...

Brandon Dawson stands to the right of his business partner, Grant Cardone, as they both stand in front of a 10X and Cardone Ventures marketing display.

Is Social Media Fooling You?

Are You Really Experiencing Life To The Fullest? Social media is a central part of any brand, but it’s certainly not everything.

Brandon Dawson is filmed while taking video on his iPhone in the Cardone Ventures studio.


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