Anything you believe, your subconscious will validate absolutely every time. It will always find the conditions to validate your broken belief. If you have a limited belief or broken belief, and you say you want to have a different result, unless you program your mind to think differently and to see things differently and to experience things differently, you’ll find the same result that you already believe is going to occur.

See, the belief is the master, and we become the slaves to that belief. Our belief dictates our actions. And through the repetitiveness of activity, if we succeed, we gain confidence and break through our false beliefs. But if we continue to stagnate or fail, we validate those broken beliefs.

“If you want to change your result, you have to change your actions. But your actions can’t change until you change your belief.”

Now, how do you do this? How do professional athletes do it? Through self-talk. The importance of self-talk is to simply surround your mentality and your mind with thoughts and experiences that support the activity or action that you’d actually like to experience.

Think about Tiger Woods seeing the putt. Baseball players just sitting there swinging it and feeling it, and visualizing the success. All professional athletes do this. But people say to me all the time, “It’s not fair that professional athletes make tens of millions of dollars.”

Let me tell you something: If you learn to visualize and you learn to put the energy behind the visualization practice, rehearsing, and going out and fighting every day to be the best, you too can be worth millions of dollars. It’s a simple choice.

But when you don’t discipline your mind, when you don’t visualize your success, when you don’t have a picture of what you want to attain, everything is hard and things aren’t going to come to you by accident.

The repetitiveness and duplication of success creates confidence in your actions. That elevates your belief. The higher you believe, the higher you reach, because you put more energy into it. So whatever you expect will happen, your belief will go find the things to make it happen.