Social media isn’t everything

Social media is an invaluable part of our daily lives. I use it to promote my personal brand and that of my business, Cardone Ventures. 

This allows me to connect with more people than I ever could before its inception. .. And getting to connect with these like-minded people has helped me expand my personal and professional networks…

It’s helped me reach more people who could use mentorship, business advice, and the many services that my team at Cardone Ventures provides. 

You see, social media has provided us with an efficient, quick, and innovative way to get in front of so many different audiences. But as remarkable as it can be… it’s not everything. 

With so many things to experience in life—both personally and professionally—we still find that for many… their lives behind a screen and a username on a social network take up most of their valuable time. 

And remember… time is money. 

You can use social media to your advantage – use it to expand your network, make connections, and do business. Because if not, you’re just wasting your time. 

Virtual is great, but in-person is better

While the coronavirus pandemic proved that working remotely is more possible than many skeptics might have realized at the time, there’s still nothing that can replace the level of communication camaraderie that comes from being in the same room as other people. 

I’m a big energy person. I love to get in front of a group of people, get a sense of their energy, and use that energy to guide the conversation into territories. 

This goes for anything; whether you’re speaking to your team or closing a partnership deal, being in the presence of the people or person you’re speaking to is the key to a successful conversation.

You don’t add time, you create time

You create the time to be on social media. 

Think about it. You’re scrolling, watching videos, liking posts… and every five minutes you say, “another five minutes…”, effectively creating more time for you to waste on social media.

When you can be using that time intentionally

Your input is your output. And if you’re spending too much of your time consuming social media, which is really often just a flimsy facsimile of reality, then your output isn’t going to be very valuable. 

So much of social media is watching what other people are doing, instead of being a person who does things themselves. 

There’s a creator inside of every one of us. Some of us create businesses. Some of us create art or music. Some of us create delicious food…

And some of us create environments where people can come together, get closer to one another, and lead more fulfilling lives. 

Social media has its purpose, but it can often leave us feeling very empty. Look for the things that fill you up, and make a conscious effort to include them in your day, every single day. 

Be intentional

Time is perhaps the most valuable resource we have. Every day we have an opportunity to do something great. Something unprecedented. Something that could change our lives — or even the entire world — forever

Limit your distractions. Focus on the people and things that you love. Train yourself to be in the moment, and you’ll find yourself creating more and more unforgettable ones. 

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