You’ll meet the expectations you set for yourself. Every time. 

Here’s exactly what I mean: If you give yourself 30 days to clean your house, it’s gonna take you 30 days to finish. Without exception. 

Ironically, if you give yourself 3 hours to do the same job, you’ll be able to get it done in 3 hours.

The same is true when it comes to your personal, professional, and financial goals. If your goals simply exist in your head, and if you think of them in terms of “Someday, I want to achieve X, Y, and Z,” I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but someday will probably never come.

Your goals can never become reality if they’re only incomplete thoughts. And, what’s more, your goals aren’t really complete thoughts until you’ve attached a timeframe to them. 

You absolutely need to give yourself deadlines so that you can check in with yourself, or with your business partners, so that you can track your progress.

You might learn that you’re right on track, or you might learn along the way that there are a few extra steps that you didn’t think of… or you might even learn that you need to make some more significant adjustments and get yourself in gear and work that much harder… all because you’re not hitting your deadlines the way you intended to. 

The point is, you’ve created a system of accountability. And you’re sticking to it. And you realize that when you stick to it, you suddenly start achieving things. The buzz you get from accomplishing things keeps you going until you’ve reached the ultimate success. 

Don’t let big goals overwhelm you. Turn them into smaller goals.

One of the biggest challenges I see with business owners, and others that I mentor is that, when it comes to achieving their goals, they don’t know where to start.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat for a second. Think about what it is that you really want to achieve on a personal, professional, and financial level. Do you know where to start? Do you know how to get yourself from vision to reality? 

Most don’t. 

It’s not because they don’t have the ability, or the drive, or the resilience to achieve their goals. It’s because they don’t know how to commit to their vision. Nor do they know how to execute upon that vision. 

This is why when I’m mentoring business owners, I tell them that they need to document their personal, professional, and financial goals. And document them as specifically as possible. 

More often than not, people discover that their personal, professional, and financial goals are interrelated. Working on one often means working on another simultaneously. 

But after documenting your goals, you need to take a second important step: breaking up your big goals into smaller, more easily achievable goals. 

Is your goal to produce a podcast promoting your business? Great! Now think critically about what you need to do to get you there before you even start recording episodes. For example, you’ll need to: 

  • Research podcasters whom you admire, learn about their process, and learn about how they structure their show.
  • Consider the sorts of guests and conversations you want to have, and start reaching out to people you want to record with.   
  • Make a list of recording equipment you’ll need, and start experimenting with getting the sounds that you want. 
  • You’ll need to host your podcast, and you’ll need to release it to platforms like Spotify and iTunes.
  • Give yourself a deadline to launch your show.

Before you realize it, you’re a podcaster who is promoting their brand on platforms with the potential to reach millions of listeners. While that’s exciting, the point is.. that every big goal consists of smaller goals

Giving yourself deadlines associated with those smaller goals makes achieving the big goal that much easier. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself in a rhythm of goal achievement, taking on bigger and bigger challenges, and you will achieve them. And it’s because you set yourself up for success by making your goals specific, incremental, and based on a deadline.

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