We all want faster results in our lives and in our businesses. Don’t you sometimes wish you could take time out of the equation? Sometimes, there’s a real drag in our process, and sometimes we’re the source of that drag. 

When you speed up your thinking to where the opportunity is, then you’ll speed up your actions, and when you speed up your actions, you’ll speed up your results. I call this process ATTACK SPEED. 

Learn directly from me how I’ve achieved this in my own life, and precisely how I coach business owners to do the same in theirs.  

Think of your time as money

Your time is valuable. In some ways, it’s even more valuable than money. 

You can always make more money. You can never really make more time. But what you can do is be very intentional about how you spend your time. And you can use money to free up your time. 

Don’t waste your time with distractions. Get the most value out of your time by seeing it as the finite resource it is, and use every moment of it to its fullest when making a decision. 

Limit your options

Having too many options in a situation can prolong the decision making process so that you end up not making any decision at all. 

Ideally, when you’re making an important decision, you should limit your options to two, possibly three, at the most. 

Quickly weigh the pros and cons of each option, assess those observations, and move on to the next step. Don’t look back. There’s a reason you didn’t go with the other options. Trust that instinct. Speaking of…

Listen to your gut

Your intuition is a valuable tool in life, and in business. If you find yourself in a situation where things feel “off,” then I highly recommend that you listen to your gut and bail. 

There’s an intangibility to this, but on more than one occasion I’ve found myself in situations where I was prepared to achieve a certain outcome, but the circumstances I found myself in just weren’t right. 

Making the wrong decision in such a moment could have cost me a great deal, and so I trusted myself and walked away, knowing that my instincts were right and that other opportunities would come my way. Learn to give yourself that same level of trust. 

Draw a hard line between good and bad

Drawing a hard line between good and bad is a valuable skill to have in your personal and professional life, and it can lead to much faster decision making. 

It’s important to draw this line because it creates a personal code of ethics within you. People respect others who are unwilling to compromise, and your respect for yourself and your expectations of others will grow, too. 

When you have that defined for yourself, making decisions comes so much easier and so much faster. 

Know decisiveness grows with each decision

Decision making is an awful lot like exercising a muscle. 

Once you start to focus on your decisiveness, you’ll begin to trust yourself more, because you’ll see the outcomes of your judgment come into focus. 

That trust will turn into confidence. That confidence will grow into decisiveness. And that decisiveness will evolve into the results you’ve been working so hard to achieve. 

Before long, you’ll be looking back and wondering why it was so difficult for you to make certain decisions that you absolutely labored over in the past, but this is only because you weren’t focused on training this part of your mindset. 

Now, you finally understand the importance of Attack Speed!

Remember that indecision kills

When you’re a business owner, it can sometimes feel like you’re getting cannonballs fired at you all day long from every possible direction. 

This feeling will never really change. That’s part of the job. And that’s why people who are able to take the emotion out of the situation, think clearly, and act decisively are so successful in these roles, because they know that their actions in those moments are absolutely critical to their survival. 

Just standing there, taking the hits over and over again, will lead to certain death. But being in the moment, standing tall, and acting decisively will signal to your team that you’re a leader worth following, and will help ensure that your business will survive to fight another day. 

Doing nothing will lead to nothing. Doing something will create a new result for you to respond to every time. Be decisive in your leadership.

I want to share even more techniques with you about how you can achieve levels of success you never thought possible. 

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