Visualization creates potential

I look at the concept of visualization as an act of developing the critical skills needed to turn your goals into reality. 

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs — one of the most important and studied theories of human motivation — self-actualization is the highest level of personal growth and development. But before you can actualize, it’s essential that you learn how to visualize.

To put it in simple terms, once you’ve fulfilled your basic needs like food, shelter,  water, and you’ve fed your ego, you now have the opportunity to realize your full potential. But what is your full potential? 

Without going through the process of visualization, which I believe is a lot like exercising a muscle, you’re going to get stuck when it comes to recognizing, understanding, and achieving your goals. 

Visualization is equal parts thinking and doing

Visualization is more than just thinking about what you want to achieve. It’s also about getting a deeper understanding of yourself, what motivates you, what your blockers are, and how you can create a tangible plan consisting of short and long term goals that will help you achieve even more than you ever thought possible for yourself. 

Visualization is a muscle you might not even realize you had, and it’s one that will certainly atrophy if not used regularly. It’s powerful, and it works, and knowing that you have this tool at your disposal, it’s important to learn how to harness it and make the most of it. 

Visualization is a sophisticated way to get where you’re going 

To put it another way, visualization is a lot like your phone’s or your car’s GPS system. What is the purpose of this tool? Back in the day, if you needed to get somewhere, you’d either need to use a physical map (which didn’t necessarily include everything you needed to know) or you’d have to rely on vague directions from others. 

The former was reliable, but it contained the routes everyone took, whereas the latter was shaded by personal bias and experience. Neither provides absolute clarity. GPS, on the other hand, can give you real-time information on blockages or even newer, quicker routes. 

I’ve learned that the fastest way to achieving your version of success is by having absolute clarity of what your destination is.  What do you want your legacy to look like? Create the most detailed picture possible. Who are you? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Visualize everything you possibly can. 

Visualization is like meditation. It seems simple, but takes work.

Visualization sounds simple, but iIt takes intense focus. And it takes a level of honesty with oneself (and those around you) that many aren’t willing to be vulnerable enough to verbalize, let alone go after. But you must embrace this honesty and vulnerableness. Otherwise, your thoughts simply cannot turn into action. 

You’re creating clarity. You’re creating a sense of confidence. You’re also drawing a roadmap for yourself, starting with those big, future goals, and the road leads all the way back to where you are now. 

Visualization creates small goals that achieve big goals

The process of visualization will help you more clearly recognize, understand, and create actionable goals that will help you essentially reverse engineer your destiny. Not because you dreamed it, but because you’ve thought through every detail, including how to take action, who to connect yourself with, and what you need to accomplish in each and every step. 

You’re building the confidence you need to 10X your life. Here’s the way I always put it: What you think is what you say. What you say is what you do and what you do becomes your legacy. 

Want to 10X your life? It’s time to find your coordinates.

So, what do you want your legacy to be? What does a 10X life well-lived mean to you? These are the coordinates you’re entering into your internal GPS, so they need to be exact. You need to hone your instincts to know the difference between taking that alternate route that could lead to bigger, better, and brighter things, or what might be a dead-end road. 

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