Great businesses are built with great people. No great business was ever built with mediocre people; it just doesn’t happen. So, how do you move beyond where you’re at to where you want to be? The only way to do that is to start thinking differently. When you think differently, you act differently.

The question is: How do I change my thinking? How do I increase my point of reference? How do I have a richer, more dynamic, take on what is available to me in my life, personally, professionally, and financially? How do I inspire and gather others to help me attain that purpose?

“If you want to inspire and gather others, you have to make their purpose your priority, too.”

I thought I was a good leader, but I learned, in reflection, that I was a dictator leader. I was leading by position, not by using true power. True power is influence. When you have the ability to influence others to attain a bigger, better, faster quality of life, they will love you and follow you, and they will be inspired by you.

The difference between working hard and working easy isn’t in the “what you do” but the “who you do it with”, and ultimately, “how you do it.” If you aren’t totally focused and don’t have absolute intentionality in regards to the development and incremental improvement of your people, tying in their personal, professional, and financial aspirations — then you’re making things harder on yourself.