The bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we can advance ourselves but how far we can advance our teams. Think of the total number of team members working with you and ask yourself this question: How have you intentionally advanced those team members in helping them identify and pursue their personal, professional, and financial goals through performing at the highest level possible in your business? To help collectively create the highest magnitude of impact in your business for what you choose to do?

Is it an intentional act? Are you intentionally aligning your people with the goals and objectives of the business? Do they feel that alignment? Or is the business about you and what you accomplish, and they are just there to support you?

How are you making things better for the people who follow you? How are you making their jobs easier?

How are you inspiring them to do things bigger, better, and more significantly, so that they’re more impactfully working for you? How do you develop them? How do you attract those people and give them a vision and a perspective that says, “I can pursue my goals and my dreams and my aspirations and my personal growth desires through this organization by working collectively with my teammates and with the business owner that I’m following”? And then how do you relate them back into the value of the business?

This is why personal, professional, and financial goals are so important. The whole purpose is to align an individual’s passion and joy, their purpose for life, with your purpose for your business — your passion, your joy. And when people know that you’re going to make their priorities your priorities, they’ll make your priorities their priorities.