Great leaders know how to align the interests of their people with the interests of the business. This is an absolute must. When you don’t have the right people in the right place, you can’t attract core energy invested into what you’re trying to accomplish.

It becomes very difficult to get things done, because their passion, their joy is not aligned with the function. Jim Collins talks about this in the Hedgehog Concept. The number one thing he identified that separated companies that struggled or failed, versus companies that were amazing, was how much passion the people had for what they did.

When you have an organization that doesn’t align your people’s passion with the functions, or with the whole plan of the organization, then it becomes a struggle. 

But how do you do that? You have to spend time with each person working for you.

You have to figure out how somebody can do something better than the person before. That becomes your highest elevated success. Then you platform that and you benchmark it. Then, that becomes your duplicable process that everyone strives to attain. 

Ask yourself a simple question. If Gallup poll says the majority of Americans are actively disengaged or disengaged at work, does that mean you have the wrong people?  

The answer is no. You might have a few that you probably should shake loose, but generally speaking, you have the right people. They’re just not contributing in the right areas for your organization. When you find what makes others passionate, and you show them how to pursue that passion, while simultaneously helping the business hits it’s objectives, you align their interests with the business opportunities and you capture their active engagement. The answer to fully engaged employees is understanding what motivates them. In this way, you’ll inspire them as the business leader.

Do you have the right people, doing the right things, that add the highest value to your organization? 

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