Are your goals too low? Are your goals clear, specific, and actionable? Do you have goals at all? If you’re like a lot of business owners I meet, you haven’t given near enough thought or intentionality to your goals. And I can just about guarantee you that you’ve sold yourself short. 

You see, the entire premise of the 10X Rule is that most people set their goals too low. Most people out there aren’t challenging themselves — they’re not challenging their beliefs and pushing themselves to dig deep. Too many say, “I think I can” and too few say, “I believe in what’s possible.” 

Most people limit themselves because of others’ negative influences, and the things that they’ve encountered, or experiences they’ve had to endure in the past. These can all create limiting beliefs and false narratives, clouding your long term vision and capping your goal setting.

The danger and limitation of creating false narratives

Whether it’s out of modesty or out of pessimism, you’ll more often than not hear people talk in negative or self-deprecating terms about their current circumstances and their potential to change them. They’ve created a false narrative in their mind about what can or cannot be accomplished. It’s a limited belief. And it’s going to limit them. 

Typically, these limited beliefs come from some sort of experience, either real or perceived. But if you want to create something successful — if you want to establish and achieve your 10X goals — you simply must rise above this negative self-perception. 

And one of the best ways to rise above is by the 4 As: Acknowledge, Accept, Act, and Attack. Acknowledge the negative experience, accept that the experience happened and any role you had in it, and then act by setting news goals to course correct your future perfect picture. 

Setting goals (short and long-term goals) gives you a vision of yourself, of a new life, of a raised consciousness that is inspiring, motivating, and actionable. The fourth A is the multiplier: attack! Attack those news goals with 10X ferocity. 

No goals? No vision! And no vision equals limited success.

Goals help you organize your time, focus your energy, and direct your resources. Perhaps more importantly, goals give you purpose and clarity. You’ll have a better understanding of why you’re doing what it is that you do. 

No goals typically means no vision. And how can you ever reach your full potential without a clear vision of who or what you want to be? This lack of focus will just end up clouding your present, and distract you from accomplishing much of anything outside of your most immediate needs. 

Now, if you are intentional in how you set your goals and if you’re specific in the steps of how you’ll achieve each incremental goal, then things become pretty clear. Suddenly, the impossible seems much more possible. You’re identifying, visualizing, and actualizing what it is you want to achieve. 

Goal achievement requires vision and action to create success.

It’s so much more than manifestation. It takes action. And it takes accountability. Self-accountability. Continuously ask yourself meaningful questions centered around your goals, The quality of your questions will ultimately determine the quality of your outcomes. Be real with yourself. Lean into the process. 

Categorize your goals into personal, professional, and financial goals for even greater clarity. Personal goals can include travel, hobbies, sports, spending time with family and friends, and working towards your overall health and wellness. 

Professional goals are focused on crucial aspects of your career accomplishments, including learning new skills, taking on new responsibilities, attracting mentors into your life, or becoming a mentor to others. 

Financial goals could be income related. Maybe it’s your net worth. Maybe it’s passive income by investing in Cardone CapitalMaybe it’s creating financial freedom for yourself. 

Step back and see how these goals work together. Make them as detailed as possible. Consider the necessary actions to achieve each one. Define them and give yourself deadlines. 

Want to achieve your goals? Don’t do what most people do. 

Most people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. Don’t be like most people. 

Let’s take this a step further. Set 10-year goals for yourself. These are your massive, 10X goals that you’ll work on incrementally every day, every month, every year. These are the goals where you’ll ultimately attain the ideal picture of your future self. 

Secondly, establish 3-year goals for yourself. Why? This accomplishes two objectives. First, you’ll be able to determine if they truly align with your 10-year goals. And second, it will enhance your next step — setting 1-year goals — by establishing the specific objectives necessary to achieve them.

Your one-year goals will focus on short-term objectives that you know you will accomplish this year. 

The point here is to identify your future perfect picture and then work your way backwards from 10 years to 3 years to 1 year. Starting big, aiming high, and then getting specific. 

You deserve to achieve your goals. If you REALLY want to 10X your life, then you need to create your grand vision, set goals, and take action. Visit RIGHT NOW to learn more about attending our next event so you can finally create the sort of life you’ve always wanted.