How do I get my team to follow me?

You want a team that is willing to challenge themselves, test themselves, believe higher and reach farther – but how can you ask them to do so if you’re not doing the same yourself? How can they respect you if you’re not doing the same? You can’t just approach...

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How do I know if what I’m doing is effective?

In everything you do, every single day you have to be consistent so you can measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing. If you are consistent, you are predictable. And that’s good! Predictability creates confidence. This is the same confidence that allows...

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How to set intentions.

Today is the day you declare you’re ready to move forward. You’re ready to accomplish, to achieve, to succeed, to attain. Whatever you’re striving after, you need to look for the greatest example to follow. You need to actually do the homework to understand what...

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Are You an Entrepreneur?

For a lot of people, when they start their business, they don’t see themselves as an entrepreneur or as an innovator, and I think this is an important factor. They see themselves, in a lot of cases, as the technician or the practitioner. And that’s what eMyth talks...

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