Don’t let illusions distract you from achieving your goals

Day after day, we see images of people enjoying what seems like unimaginable wealth — the cars, the clothes, the luxury hotels with breathtaking views — and we, naturally, wish that we could live the same lifestyle. It’s human nature to want these things.

But here’s what you need to keep in mind: Many online influencers don’t actually own these things or live this lifestyle every day. They are truly “doing it for the ‘gram.” The people who actually do live this way, like Natalie and I, have worked and worked and worked for years and have had to make incredible sacrifices in order to get to where we are today. 

I want you to achieve incredible things in your life and your business. And I want to help you navigate some of the pitfalls I see so many entrepreneurs make as they work toward 10X-ing their business but fail because they get distracted. 

They’re important reminders, and they’ll help you reach heights you never thought possible.  

Fun doesn’t have to mean drinking, partying, and wild nights

I know you want to live that baller lifestyle. You want to be the VIP. But the drinking, the partying, the private booth at the club, the table service — it’s not sustainable, and it’s gonna catch up with you. 

When you’re a business owner, you’ve got to be sharp. You’ve got to be quick, decisive, and always on your toes, nimble enough to steer the team in the right direction when things go awry (and things are always gonna go awry!)

How can you do that on just a few hours of sleep, hungover and foggy from the night before? Don’t get me wrong, you should celebrate your big wins, but the big wins aren’t an everyday thing, are they? No, your everyday celebration should be in working in and then on the business. The party comes later. 

Fun can be a night alone getting lost in building wealth

Building a business means a lot of long days and sometimes even longer nights, and while that experience can at times be exhausting, it can also be an exhilarating experience. 

It can be especially exhilarating if you’re surrounding yourself with solid mentors and consuming things — books, podcasts, and other media — that are truly feeding your mind and spirit, and helping you get ever closer to achieving your goals. 

These are those moments where time seems to stop, because you’re lost in a new idea, all of the possibilities are right there in front of you, and all you need to do is recognize what you have, document it, and then bring it to life. 

Take advantage of these moments of inspiration. They will lead to incredible wealth. 

Fun can be spending time with your loved ones and your inner network in a meaningful way

I’m not talking about an elaborate vacation at a luxury resort (though it can be that, too), because sometimes those simpler moments — maybe it’s just a quiet dinner at home with family or a few close friends — can be the most meaningful. 

If you’ve gotten better at communicating your ideas and your goals, then those closest to you certainly know how much energy you’re putting into creating a better life for everyone through the success of your business, and having those opportunities to be together, to focus on one another, and to share uninterrupted time as a unit can remind you what you’re doing it all for.

Don’t waste those opportunities. 

Fun is yours to define!

Every day you have an opportunity to make the best use of your time. Every day is a chance to achieve another goal. To me, that’s what fun is. To know that I’m moving forward. To feel the energy of my team. To know that my clients are achieving their goals because of the work that we’re doing on their behalf. 

The negative will always be there if that’s what you choose to focus on. Look for what’s possible, and then go after it with all that you have!

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