You want the kind of trust with your team that says they can engage you when there are problems, or when there are opportunities, or when they have thoughts, or when they just want to smile and say good morning.

Trust is the foundation of leadership. To build trust, a leader must exhibit competence, connection, and character. Character makes trust possible and trust makes leadership possible.

People are going to connect. They’re going to work with each other, they’re going to trust each other, they’re going to treat each other with a high level respect. Understand that everything that happens in your organization is based around energy.

When people can trust that they understand who you are and what makes you up, how you’re going to engage them, and what they can depend on, then they’ll be more apt to connect with you in a way that allows them to share in your vision of where you want to go, as well as feel they can participate and that they’re an important cog in the wheel.

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