The goal is more important than the role. If you think YOU are the entire picture, then you’ll never see the big picture. If a team is going to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate their personal goals for the good of the team. But why is this important?

If you don’t have the proper big picture, not everyone understands that they play an integral part — not an individual part, not an independent part, but an integral part — which means they work together as a team.

They support each other and they compliment each other. In order for a team to reach its potential and make an impact, it has to understand that individuals have to align with the interests of the organization.

Ultimately, the picture has to be painted by the owner, the leader of the business. If you’re going to have a big picture, you have to have people who subscribe to the idea that their own personal agenda needs to be subordinated to the overall objective of the organization, in order for it to reach the highest impact possible.

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