Great vision precedes great achievement.

Every team needs a compelling vision to give it direction. A team without vision is, at worst, purposeless. At best, it’s subject to the personal, and sometimes selfish, agendas of various team members. As the agendas work against each other within your environment, the team’s energy and drive drain away. On the other hand, a team that embraces vision becomes focused, energized, intentional, and knows where it’s headed gives team members direction and confidence.

What is your vision? What are you doing to build the confidence of your team?

We need to remind ourselves that belief is the master, and we have become the slaves to our belief. Our belief dictates the actions we take in all we do. The good news is we can change our beliefs. And the exciting thing about belief is this– if we change our belief, which is the cause, we also can change our experience, which is the effect or the result.

We always have a choice about what we want to believe in and how we want our life to look. We are never permanently stuck with old, unworkable, broken beliefs.

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