The best advice I ever received from my mentors was to be specific, intentional, definitive, and crystal clear about what it is I am trying to attain. Being sure to understand that to attain this vision or picture, the more you can make it about others and their success, the more success you’ll have.

So, the advice I got was so clear. There’s an impact that is amplified and magnified through your people when you take your point of focus and make it around everyone else’s success… their success pulls you to success.

My mentors also asked: When you think about what you want your life to look like, ask yourself the question- Do you want to be pushing everyone around you or pulling?

This made me think of salespeople and technology companies, sending out millions of emails saying, “try us, try us, try us, try us”. That’s pushing people. I think about retail marketing. “Discount, discount, discount.” That’s pushing people.

Pulling people is saying, “I’m here for a much greater purpose. I’m different than everybody else. I want to serve you in a way that we can substantively and measurably impact your life and quantify the relationship so that you know it’s the best relationship you could otherwise have”.

I believed if I can do that, then I can attain my picture by impacting tens of thousands of independent, private practice business owners who want to attain a higher level of greatness. The just need some help. That notion helped me develop clarity around my goals, my advice, and my long term picture.