I’m so excited to share with you Beyond Positive Thinking  by Dr. Robert Anthony. Dr. Anthony is a world leader when it comes to the mind, and this is the book that changed my life forever. The premise of the book is this: Your actions are a direct result of your ideas, right or wrong.

Think about this: You are going to follow your thinking. If you have broken or limited thinking, you’re going to have broken or limited results. Your opportunity to build a big business, create dynamic person relationships, or attain the lifestyle you want is directly relative to your belief structure. Low level of belief, low level of success. High level of belief, high level of success.

This is why so many business owners have been able to go out and build businesses that are three, four, five, or even ten times bigger than their peer groups’.

“If we accept our beliefs as true, then they will be true for us, even if they’re formulated on faulty information.”

If our thinking is limited with regards to our opportunity, our belief is low.

And many of our beliefs are not true, but the desire to be right is more profound than the desire to change. These beliefs ultimately limit our success. I see this all the time in businesses and personal lives. People dig in their heels in and say “I’m right. This doesn’t work. I know that won’t work. We don’t want to change.” They’re so settled into mediocrity that they are unwilling to look at the opportunity to do things bigger and better, and to create a much more dynamic magnitude of impact, because their subconscious beliefs say “don’t do it.”

If you want to change your life, you must change your thinking. Business is an extension of your life. If your business is not doing all the things you’d like it to do for you — and I’m not talking about settling, I’m not talking about mediocrity, but doing AMAZING things for you — then you need to change your thinking and I highly recommend studying this book as a first step towards rewiring your belief structure.