If you want a business that’s surviving and thriving rather than a business that’s struggling, that’s a decision — that’s a choice.

You have to make that choice yourself. And the first part of getting what you want is clearly understanding and identifying exactly what that is.

If you have a picture, and you surround yourself with people who have clarity and understanding and are attached to that picture — because their picture is inside of your picture, — then you can all succeed together.

The first part of getting what you want is first clearly understanding what that is.

And then you have a team of people who understand what your picture is. You have a clear picture and you have a compass saying we’re going to sail due north, and people understand how they contribute, because their pieces of the puzzle are inside your pieces of the puzzle.

Everyone can accomplish goals together, aligned with shared interests. This is how you build an organization. Everyone understands where they’re going, what the expectation is for how to get there, and that they all need to stretch and understand cause and effect and the process of doing it.

That culture has a high level of accountability. That’s how you grow your business from where it’s at today to the level that you’d like it to be. If you don’t decide exactly where you want to be in the business, someone else will make that decision for you.

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