Are you a leader?

Everything rises and falls on leadership, that’s what John Maxwell says, and it is true in all we do. The true measure of leadership is influence. Your leadership effectiveness is directly relative to your ability to influence others, and it’s earned by example,...

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What is Entrepreneurial Intuition?

Entrepreneurial Intuition is the innate ability for an entrepreneur to see, sense, and take advantage of an opportunity. People are intuitive in their area of strength. Whenever a leader faces a problem, they automatically measure it and begin solving it using...

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How do I work with intentionality?

Once you say: "I want to accomplish, achieve, succeed at, or attain this..." you need to go look for the greatest example of whatever the this is. Then, you need to do the homework to understand what allowed the this to succeed. If it’s owning your own practice, if...

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How do I work towards my bigger purpose?

From the beginning of my career, I knew that I had a bigger purpose. I wanted to own a business one day. Like my family, I wanted to build something from nothing and watch it grow. My father had always been entrepreneurial out of necessity, because he put all of us...

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