What’s the Difference Between Empowerment and Abdication?

Only secure leaders give power to others. Leading well is not about enriching yourself. It’s about enriching and empowering others. The #1 enemy of empowerment is the fear of losing what we have. It’s the rate-limiting factor to your overall success. Many business...

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Is your team connected to your mission?

If you have a mission and it's to build a significant medical practice, a computer technology company, create a new invention or a new widget... whatever your intention is you have to ask yourself– what’s the fastest and most successful way to get there? If you're...

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What is your mindset?

Let’s talk for a second about mindsets. I talk to hundreds of business owners every week. They vary from being a practice owner all the way to being an entrepreneur with a billion dollar business. If you ever want to understand any human being, at any level– and...

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Are you uncomfortable?

Your greatest gains come in the middle of your pain. Think about that. Pain is an opportunity. When you’re reaching a threshold that starts to become uncomfortable, and pain settles in... when you’re doing something that doesn’t feel good, you're on to...

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