Are you uncomfortable?

Your greatest gains come in the middle of your pain. Think about that. Pain is an opportunity. When you’re reaching a threshold that starts to become uncomfortable, and pain settles in... when you’re doing something that doesn’t feel good, you're on to something....

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Do you have broken thinking?

If you want to change your business, you have to change your thinking. According to John Maxwell in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, broken results occur because of broken thinking- and when that broken thinking is something that is ingrained because...

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What is the difference between security and freedom?

The difference between security and freedom is this: Security is expecting someone to take care of you, knowing you just need to show up and believe it will all work out. Freedom is believing you can do anything and everything you want because you know you're in...

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Are you a leader?

Everything rises and falls on leadership, that’s what John Maxwell says, and it is true in all we do. The true measure of leadership is influence. Your leadership effectiveness is directly relative to your ability to influence others, and it’s earned by example,...

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