How do I work towards my bigger purpose?

From the beginning of my career, I knew that I had a bigger purpose. I wanted to own a business one day. Like my family, I wanted to build something from nothing and watch it grow. My father had always been entrepreneurial out of necessity, because he put all of us...

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How do I know if what I’m doing is effective?

In everything you do, every single day you have to be consistent so you can measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing. If you are consistent, you are predictable. And that’s good! Predictability creates confidence. This is the same confidence that allows...

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How to set intentions.

Today is the day you declare you’re ready to move forward. You’re ready to accomplish, to achieve, to succeed, to attain. Whatever you’re striving after, you need to look for the greatest example to follow. You need to actually do the homework to understand what...

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