The Algorithm for Growing and Scaling Your Business

Many new businesses fail because there are so many things owners have to think about and so many things owners could lose sight of. Learn how to be one of those businesses that succeed! It’s true. I created an algorithm for growing and scaling businesses. And I...

Brandon Dawson teaching entrepreneurs about the scaling algorithm

Why is an intrinsic connection with your people important?

You cannot lead people without really liking them. Intrinsic connection is key to great relationships. So think about this: If you don’t like being around somebody, if you don’t like spending time with them, if you don’t like connecting with them, if you’re not...

Do you have a bigger purpose?

I knew that I wanted to have a bigger purpose. I wanted to own a business one day. I wanted to be like the family I had watched start something from nothing and grow it. My father had always been entrepreneurial out of necessity, because he put all of us boys...

Are you willing to fight until you win?

Great leaders always find a way for the team to win. Victorious leaders possess an unwillingness to accept defeat. The alternative to winning is totally unacceptable to them. Leaders who practice John Maxwell's the Law of Victory have no Plan B. Trust me. They’ll...


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