In order to grow, a leader must let go. What does that mean? Well, think about it. Think about when you started your business. You did everything all by yourself. You answered the phones. You unlocked the door. You made the coffee. You greeted your customers.

Now think about when you hired your first employee? What happens when you train them to do those things for you? As soon as you start teaching others to do the things that you do, it frees you up to do other things.

If you want to move up in your organization, if you want to accomplish a greater magnitude of impact, the only way you can do that is by bringing others into your influence, and influencing them to do the things that add the highest value to your organization. The more things you give up to others, the more you’re freed up to do other things are more important.

Leadership is the same way. If you want to attract people who are aligned with your organization, you have to sacrifice something in order to gain something.

This is your investment. Sometimes it’s sacrificing, letting go of the way you think it needs to be done, and stopping yourself from trying to control everyone around you.

Sometimes the sacrifice is learning, to connect with others, to develop others, to make their priorities your priorities so that they’ll be aligned with your interests and they’ll want to help you build your organization. The heart of a good leader is sacrifice. It’s not a one time payment, but an ongoing process. The more you show your team, the more you show your community, you’re willing to invest in them by giving something up, the more you attract the right people.

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