Most experts believe that the typical person uses 10% of their true potential, and the most common reason people don’t overcome the odds is that they don’t challenge themselves.

They don’t stretch themselves enough. And if most people today are only using 10% of their true potential, because they’re not stretching enough, it’s your job to be that example. 

Stretch their belief about what can be done.

Stretch their ability to attain the highest level of impact through operational effectiveness. Stretch yourself and your ability to inspire and motivate yourself to learn things that you never thought you could before. Learn new things and generate new results.

Then, teach others, through example, to do the exact same thing. When you elevate yourself, you expand capacity, which adds more capacity. That’s how you create the largest most significant impact– by growing and increasing capacity through growing and increasing people’s ability to attain success within your environment.

Lead them by example, so they can attain a higher level of capacity and success personally, professionally, and financially, subsequently driving that incremental value to your organization. 

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