In everything you do, every single day, you have to be consistent so you can measure the effectiveness of what it is you’re doing. 

Predictability creates confidence. The more transparency people have into what makes the business work, the more they’re apt to try new things because they know it’ll have an impact on your organization. And the more you tie their personal, professional, and financial aspirations into the result, the more they’ll challenge and inspire themselves, and be self-motivated to accomplish the goal.

Therefore, when people know their work is being measured, their productivity increases significantly. Once you have a model of what it is you want to attain, and once you’ve started adopting consistency as the core behavior in your organization, the core discipline, the core expectancy, then you can start designing the incremental improvements every single day by function, by individual, by contributor. This allows your business to breathe and grow to become the organization that your Belief says it can become. It’s very important that everyone understands it there is a purpose in everything they do.

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