Look in the mirror and ask yourself this simple question: When I look inside my own organization, what would the people who work there — the people who help me — say was my legacy relative to them? I’m not talking about the community you serve. I’m talking about the people you’ve brought into your culture to assist in creating an impact.

What would they say is your legacy?

If they can’t say your legacy is that you made a huge impact on their lives — that you’ve taught them something, that you’ve pushed on them, that you’ve developed them, that you’ve trained them, that you’ve aligned them, that they’re accomplishing their goals and objectives and dreams by working with you — if they can’t say that, then you have a business that’s a “me” business.

If you want to amplify and magnify — you want to attain true greatness — first start with your legacy. The legacy you have with your team.

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