It is critically important to your success that you are consistent with your picture or vision.

If you have a very clear picture of what you’d like to attain, you’re talking about it all the time, you’re elevating everyone’s thinking around your belief. This gets them focused on what it is that you need to do in order to attain your goals.

But if you’re always changing what those goals are; you’re always questioning, others stop believing it, too. “Can we really do it? Is it really possible? Will it really happen?” When struggle and anxiety comes in, and you start changing your picture, you become inconsistent about what you want to attain, then others stop believing you’re serious or committed to the attainment of that goal.

The same is true for leadership. If you’re inconsistent in how you engage your team (one day you’re inspiring them and the next day you’re beating them up for something that they did wrong), you will create this level of belief that says that you could be any way at any time. Therefore, people start to tip toe around trying to be creative on how to engage you. They try to find out if you’re in a good mood, or avoid you if you’re a bad mood.

When people don’t receive consistency from you, they’ll lose confidence in their ability to engage you.

Your team needs a level of consistency when it comes to how you’re going to be engaging them on a regular basis. If one day you’re emotional and you’re yelling at them, or you’re acting like you’re upset with them, and the next day you act like they’re your best friends, how will they gain the confidence to engage you if they never understand which kind of mood you’re going to be in?

Consistency leads to success at all levels.

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