You have to have humility and gratitude if you want to be an innovator in somebody else’s business or if you want to be a remarkable entrepreneur that can create large impact.

You have to have humility and gratitude, because if you don’t have those two things, you can’t find people who are going to give you everything they have. No one wants to work for an egomaniac.

In the past when I reflected on my first business, I realized I hired lots of people and put my foot on the accelerator. Everyone could either hanging on for the ride or get off. I was okay with it either way. If I needed to, I’d find somebody else. I never really thought about who I was building the company with, although I had great relationships with people I worked with.

I was indifferent. I was pushing to the end result.

Fast forward. When the business sold, I realized I didn’t have a lot of personal relationships in a company of 400 or 500 employees. So, I made the decision that if I’m going to go spend 3 or 4 or 10 years working, I want to be close to the people that I’m doing it with. I want to have an environment that’s not just a churn-and-burn-and-press-as-hard-as-you-can-and-burn-people-out situation.

I actually want to have an environment where we all care about each other, we enjoy working together, and we enjoy accomplishing goals together. I realized, for me, I need to have humility and I need to have gratitude. I need to be thankful for people that are showing up every day, putting all their energy and effort into what we’re doing, and be very respectful of the contribution that they bring to the organization.

As I made these changes, I found myself developing those personal relationships and the change made a major difference in our working culture.

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