Your perspective is the most important thing you can change

I have had so many incredible experiences in my life as an entrepreneur. I’ve worked with countless remarkable people. I’ve created numerous successful companies. I’ve generated significant personal wealth. And I’m not ready to stop building and growing. 

But I also know I haven’t done everything right. Consider these seven principles, all things I wish I could have known when I was an up and coming business owner.  Use their insight to make your life, your business, and your team even more successful.

These hard times, this pain, these lessons — one day they’ll be your strength, your awareness, and your blessings. But never let one failure discourage you from trying again. 

You’re going to fail. I repeat: You’re going to fail. We all do. But those failures are just a moment in time. True growth and true success comes from taking those episodes of failure, studying them, learning from them, and using those lessons to help you more successfully navigate your next series of goals. This is what life is, a constant series of doing, learning, and growing, so that you can continue to do, learn, and grow. 

If you have resilience to keep going, then one day soon, every sacrifice you’ve made, every hurdle you faced, and every challenge you’ve overcome will feel like a lesson learned. You’ll get past the struggle, and the thing that caused your struggles will transform into your strength You’ll have so many more experiences to draw upon when it comes time to tackle the next thing you want to accomplish. I believe you have it in you to overcome today’s pain and with strength, awareness, and self-reflection. Do you?

The older you get, the more you realize that life is about quality, not quantity.

The fear of missing out–FOMO–has caused so many of us to be doing things that we really don’t care about doing. Those moments weren’t wasted, however. They’ve shown you what you really want to be spending your time doing. Strive to create only those moments that have real value to you, whether they’re professional or personal pursuits, and do them with people who share your vision. Start the business. Take the trip. Make the call. And make your moments count. 

Your life is too short to be unhappy 5 days a week in exchange for 2 days of freedom.

We get one life. Our time is finite. You deserve to live out your dreams. I urge you to very clearly visualize what you want to accomplish out of life, the books you need to read, the people you need to align yourself with, the places in which you need to be, and do all that you can to get there. You can create the life you want, but it doesn’t come from a dead-end lifestyle. 

Do not allow your potential to remain trapped by a stranger’s opinion.

Not everyone is going to see your true potential. Not everyone is going to get you or what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t let that misunderstanding (or worse, intentional stifling) of your potential hold you back. Turn that negative energy into a positive force by using it to fuel your forward momentum. Their lack of belief does not need to be yours. 

You will never live your best life if you continue to let your past control your present.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Learn from it. And do your best to move forward. Acknowledge what happened. Accept your role in what happened. And then act with attack speed to regain your momentum and push towards tomorrow’s goals. People who are stuck in the past are just that: stuck. Being stuck means that you’re spending too much of your energy, a finite resource, on things that you can no longer change. 

There are things you can control, and one of them is how you choose to move forward in your life. If you need to separate yourself from people, environments, or other situations that are toxic to your growth, then do it. These things are holding you back. Believe that you deserve more. 

Planning to start a business is as important as planning to exit one.

I often say that the way you exit a business directs the way you start your next business. As you’re exiting your business, you should be giving it just as much time, attention, and effort as you did when it first started (though, of course, in a different way). 

Don’t let a sense of complacency cause you to lose sight of the reason you’re an entrepreneur. How you exit is how you enter. How you enter is how you exit. 

There are always more lessons to be learned. Why not learn them with a group of like-minded business owners who want you to succeed?
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