Is there a formula for success? Maybe!

I’ve created a lot of success in my life, both for myself and for many, many others. One of my great joys in life is helping others learn how to unlock their potential so that they can achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

What I’ve learned over the years is that, like me, there are a few things that other successful people from the circles I run in all seem to do. 

So if you’re someone who is intent on creating more success in your life and you’re looking for hacks to really kickstart your growth, then I recommend you incorporate these 6 habits into your life right now and that you do them consistently so you can achieve all that your life’s vision entails.


I’m sure there are some of you that don’t want to hear this, and trust me, there have been times in my life where I’ve had difficulty with this one, too, but I’m here to tell you that there is nothing else that will make you feel sharper — physically, mentally, and emotionally — than hitting the gym every single day. 

It’s a place to burn off the stress of the day. It’s a place to move your body. To listen to your body. It centers you. Not to mention that if you’re someone who regularly hits the gym, you’re going to feel better about yourself, be more confident, and be more attractive to those whom you want to attract. 


Have you ever in your life heard someone say that reading is overrated? Reading more is one of those things that, just like physical fitness, always tops people’s New Year’s Resolutions lists because, deep down, we all know how beneficial they are to us. 

Each and every day, more and more invaluable information is being published by people you and I haven’t even heard of yet. (Not to mention all the great stuff that’s already out there.)

Your time is valuable. Spend some of that valuable time learning something new that will help you better yourself. You’re always worth the investment. And you never know how some new kernel of knowledge will catapult you to a new idea or opportunity.


If you’ve had any interactions with me or the Cardone Ventures worlds, then you know how important it is to document your processes.

I’ve long believed that documentation — especially in the context of communicating that idea to others while you’re documenting — is the key to understanding how well you’ve mapped out an idea, process, or a model.

If you can write it out in detail, then you can actualize it. What’s more, if you write it down, you’ll never forget it. 

Even better these days is our ability to make use of the Notes app. You don’t have to worry about having a pen and paper — you can just capture it on your phone. Use the Notes app. Make a voice memo. I don’t care. Just capture your ideas. You’ll be able to refer back to them, share them, and modify them. Don’t lose sight of their value. 


Our attention drifts so easily. There are just so many things out there battling for our attention. One of the keys to success, any kind of success, is being able to be a strong communicator.

But communication isn’t just about talking. It isn’t just about output, it’s about input, too. 

All too often, when others are talking, we’re not always being deep or active listeners. We’re thinking about something else, we’re drifting, or we’re just thinking what it is that we’re going to say when they stop talking. And, odds are, that’s the same thing they’ll do once you start talking. 

You’re both talking, but neither of you is communicating. So when you become a deep listener, you’re really hearing what others are saying, and then you start to pick up on things like body language, microexpressions, and all the other things that they’re saying without words. 

This will make you a better listener and communicator, and help you forget the connections you need to be more successful.


If you have goals that you want to achieve, then odds are you have to change some things. You can’t just coast. You have unproductive habits to break and impactful habits to form. 

This is gonna cause you some discomfort. If it didn’t, you’d be doing it already. One thing I always tell the members of my team, as well as the business owners I work with is, once you master a skill, you need to teach that skill to at least three other people, so that they can master that skill and then teach others, and so on. 

You’re sharing knowledge. You’re delegating tasks. And you’re creating valuable space to intentionally make yourself uncomfortable so you can learn, grow, and master. 


It’s way too easy to rest on your laurels, to do things the same way and always expect that you’re going to drive the same results. 

But that’s now how life really works. Always doing things the same way often results in diminishing returns. 

Doing things differently — trying different approaches, having different conversations, and being willing to fail — is what leads to discovery and innovation. You’re never going to achieve new results by always doing things the same way. 

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