Great leaders don’t just pursue their own goals, they inspire others to develop and achieve their own goals, too

A great business needs a visionary, a leader, to set the tone for the business, to communicate its mission, and to exemplify its values through their actions. Leading by example is essential to your business maintaining an appropriate level of integrity, but you also need to show people how their success matters to you, and how crucial it is to the business itself.

Helping people achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals is central to the Cardone Ventures mission, and goal achievement isn’t just limited to our clients. It includes our clients’ team members, as well as our own. When you invest in the success of others, they’ll feel inspired, accomplished, and engaged. Good leaders invest in the growth and success of their people!

Great leaders learn how to work on the business, vs. in the business

Odds are, when your business first started, you had your sleeves rolled up and wore more hats than a hatrack can hold, but as your business grows and your team expands, your responsibilities should also evolve. 

Too many business owners aren’t able to let go of certain responsibilities and find themselves executing tasks vs. steering the entire ship. And you know what? It’s entirely their fault. 

If you don’t have anyone you can trust to hand over certain responsibilities to, then you haven’t done a good job of hiring great people. If you have great people who just don’t seem to be able to understand what you want them to do, then you have failed at properly training them. 

You need to surround yourself with great, motivated people, document your processes, and train them so your expectations are crystal clear, and your day-to-day responsibilities must be handed off to your most talented people so that you can focus on adding a different level of value to the business. 

Leave room for discourse in the business

You’ve built a great team. Your business is growing. The breadth of your responsibilities is greater than ever before. While your instincts and skills have gotten you this far, you shouldn’t get into the habit of shutting out your closest, most-valued team members when it comes to making big business decisions.

This doesn’t mean that you’re asking others to make these big decisions for you. What you’re really doing is inviting the most trusted members of your inner circle to share their perspectives. 

Their input, their inquiries, and their insight will help you consider things you might not have, while also giving you the opportunity to better articulate your vision of where you want to go, how you believe you can do it, and who you will be able to do it with. 

This will only make you a better leader. 

Granular incremental development comes from going outside of your comfort zone

Doing the same things, in the same way, will typically earn you the same results. This is true for yourself, and it’s certainly true for your team, as well. And this is how businesses plateau, which will also cause people to lose excitement for this business, and could trigger a downward trajectory. 

My advice? Stretch yourself. And stretch your people. Incrementally, granularly increase your expectations. Increase everyone’s responsibilities. Set higher goals. Will some get overwhelmed by this? Perhaps. But you as a leader wouldn’t be increasing your expectations if you didn’t already know that they could do it. 

Before you know it, they’ll overcome these new challenges, and not only will the business be even more successful than before, but your people will learn something about themselves and what they’re capable of.  Encourage your people to do things that may overwhelm them, because overcoming them will make them better.

Be excited about what you do and do it exceptionally

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be shocked by how many business owners I’ve met who have just completely lost touch with the part of themselves that created their business. 

There’s drive and heart and excitement that comes with starting a business, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the friction and the distractions of day-to-day business life. 

You need to start every day with a sense of gratitude that you have the opportunity to do something exceptional through your business and stay in touch with the sense of excitement that made you want to do it in the first place, so that you never allow the quality of your work to diminish. 

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